Remco Alblas

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2019

“Take care of others first; then myself ”

Remco Alblas doesn’t mind working. The logistics employee is having a great time at World Bearing Trade. “Thanks to the nice colleagues and the great atmosphere.”

He doesn’t aspire a managerial position. “You’re always busy with the work of others, that you don’t get time for your own work. I was a manager for one week at my previous job. Never again! ”

Lost my heart to Austria
Austria has a special place in his heart. This is because he went there on a perfect holiday with his parents and brother. “We stayed there for two weeks. We had beautiful walks there and visited different cities. One moment you are walking over mountains on normal footpaths and the next moment you are walking in the snow. ”

It was also in Austria where he stood on the highest mountain until now: in a city called Kappl.

Cutting the umbilical cord
His colleagues know Remco as a caring person. He agrees: “I take care of others first before taking care of myself.”

A thing that made a big impression on him was the birth of his son. “It is special to be able to experience that and to cut the umbilical cord.”

The thing I’m looking forward to most in the next three years? “Moving house”

As a child, Remco wanted to become an archaeologist. But if he was allowed to do something again now, it would be something completely different: “Continue playing football. After an injury I had to stop, there was a tear in my knee ligament. ”

Football is still dear to him, but in a different way. Remco collects special football shirts. He would like to expand his collection. And if there is one skill he would like to learn, it‘s: “To be able to play the guitar.”

Waking up
The best way to start the day is for Remco, very surprising: “Wake up.” He adds: Then have breakfast and wake up my son at the weekend. Otherwise he will sleep until eleven o’clock. ” Doing fun things with him is Remco’s favourite weekend activity.