Dennis Oomen

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2019

``Good atmosphere together``

Dennis Oomen’s best quality is his loyalty. This also applies to his job, which he really enjoys. “There is a good atmosphere. We treat each other well and with respect. I really like my work. What else do you need? ”

It is also significantly more pleasant, than if he had landed the dream job from his childhood:
A postman. “I wanted to work outside because the freedom seemed wonderful to me.” But I realise now, it would have been a lonely job…

Dolphins swimming past
The holiday that Dennis thinks back to with warm feelings is the one to Curaçao. “With the family we stayed at Papagayo Beach for two weeks. The nature and weather are great there. And when we were on the beach a group of dolphins swam past. That was my best holiday. ”

I would have liked to get more out of football
There was another dream, a long time ago. If there was something he could do again, Dennis would put all his effort in to it. “I should have taken football more seriously in the past. I would have liked to get more out of it. ”

But if he had all the time and money in the world, he would put all his effort into another hobby: “Diving. Or I would learn to fly. I would really like to be able to fly a plane. ”

Youth scout
The perfect age according to Dennis is 18 years old. “An age where you have few worries, you can live an uninhibited life and go out whenever you want …”

But his current life also suits him very well. Partly because of his activities during the weekend. “Saturday is mainly about football. I am a youth scout at Sparta Rotterdam. I search for new talent. So on Saturdays you can find me at the football pitch. On Sundays I like to go for a bike ride on my mountain bike. Usually I go cycling for 60 or 70 kilometres. ”