Arjan van der Slot

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2008

``An office job is not for me``

An office-job, that’s just not for Arjan van der Slot. “Sitting behind a screen all day and sitting still… I don’t want to think about it.. ” He needs to be on his feet and move around. Well in the warehouse of World Bearing Trade he gets plenty of exercise. He really enjoys his work with his colleagues. Arjan is at the right place at World Bearing Trade.

I would do things differently now
He thinks the best age you can have is 30 years old. “Then you are physically at your strongest.”
Suppose he was allowed to do something over from the past, it would be “getting more out of life. Because of the experience I have now, I would certainly do things differently. ”

Swimming with dolphins
A holiday he still fondly remembers is one of about ten years ago. To Mexico. “With my brother-in-law and two others. We enjoyed a lot of great things there. We swam with dolphins and turtles and we went snorkelling. I have never seen such beautiful fish as I saw there. I will never forget that! ”

Speech at funeral
What also made a deep impression on Arjan was the death of his father and the speech he gave at his funeral. “I thought I wouldn’t dare, but somehow I felt I had to. I am still proud that I did it. ”

Professional football player and firefighter
As a child he wanted to become a professional football player or a firefighter.
If he could now choose a hobby in which he could invest a lot of time, it would be… golf. But at the weekend he prefers to have a drink with his wife.

When asked what Arjan thinks everyone should do at least once in their lifetime, he has the answer remarkably quick: “Take a balloon flight. I really want to do that myself one day. Hopefully this will happen in the coming years. ”