Marc Moerman

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2015

``Everyone deserves to be in love at least once``

Marc Moerman likes to look higher. Figuratively then. He once stood on top of a mountain in Kaprun, Austria. But much more exciting was the time he went abseiling from the Euromast. “When you are up there and you have to let yourself fall back, it is so scary,” he admits honestly.

Marc is very helpful, his colleagues will confirm. That quality would have fitted well with his dream job as a child: a police officer. But this never happened. “If I could turn back time and do something over, I would do better at school. Get my MBO diploma, for example. I now only have a VMBO-diploma. I did start a course to join security but I didn’t finish it. ”

World trip
His favourite holiday so far was two and a half weeks in America. Together with his family and his girlfriend. “We had an apartment in Florida.
” If time and money weren’t an issue, Marc would prefer to travel the world.

The happy face of my daughter
But a good start to the day with a nice breakfast and the happy face of his daughter also make Marc very happy. He prefers to do fun things with his family at the weekend. And he is looking forward to the birth of their second child.

Picking your nose. Bleh!
When asked what position he couldn’t do, Marc replies: “Prime Minister.” He is also clear about the most irritating habit of other people: “Picking your nose. Bleh!”

Skills that Marc would like to master include playing the guitar and accordion. And what does he grant everyone at least once in his or her life? “Everyone deserves to be deeply in love at least once.”