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We are the premier bearing specialists, so you can rightfully expect us to know everything there is to know about bearings. However, your production process, your machines and your needs are even more important to us at World Bearing Trade. We understand that your production should never be halted, no matter what. That’s why we’ve been helping customers from all industries, in the Netherlands and abroad, with smart, affordable, sustainable solutions.



Focus on bearing technology and personal attention
World Bearing Trade was founded in 1996. Having spent years in the bearing industry, founders Gert and Robert Boxem believed that customers deserved more personal attention and better service than manufacturers and wholesalers offered at the time. They were convinced that personal contact and listening carefully would enable them to develop solutions that could truly benefit their customers, whilst maintaining a singular focus on bearing technology. That combination turned out to be a formula for success.

They started from their home in Vlaardingen. The company’s philosophy soon caught on and customer numbers grew rapidly – as did the warehouse. After all, to accommodate the needs & wishes of all those customers, a large product range was needed.

More and more companies found their way to World Bearing Trade, and in response to the growing product range, World Bearing Trade moved to another location in Vlaardingen within a year. In 2005, the company had outgrown its shell again and moved into a new-construction building, which was followed by several more expansions.

In 2014, the company moved into a new building again at the Koggehaven on the outskirts of Vlaardingen, which is now home to World Bearing Trade’s spacious, hospitable headquarters and efficiently designed & fully equipped 2,800 sq.m. warehouse.

World Bearing Trade now has more than 40 employees. We are a one-stop shop for everything in the field of bearing technology, drive technology, linear system technology and all related products. As such, we work with initial-assembly manufacturers and overhaul companies in all industries, as well as the technical service departments of end users and specialist maintenance companies.

To this day, we remain a true bearing specialist that believes in the value of personal attention. This approach continues to serve us well and allows us to provide our customers with the best possible service.


A solution to all your queries and problems!
We owe our existence and success to our customers. They are what we focus on, not our bearings or any of the other products sold by World Bearing Trade. It’s all about finding the best solution for their request, query or problem. Bearings are just a means to an end.

Long-term relationships are important to us: we want to get to know your company, your market and your priorities. As a bearing specialist, it is our mission to ensure that your production never comes to a standstill. We do everything we can to keep that promise, day after day and year after year. We will deliver the right bearings and all accessories accurately and on time, so that you can count on dependable quality, renowned brands and the best price.

Big enough to handle your needs,
small enough to care.

Working method

Large stock, fast delivery, top-notch service
World Bearing Trade is the place to be for all your bearings and related products.. As true specialists, we combine knowledge and experience with a complete product range and large amounts of stock. You can always count on a suitable, affordable solution and fast, just-in time delivery to your location of choice. Anywhere in the world!

You can count on personal attention and the very best service. Our Account Managers pay frequent visits to our customers so that we can continue to accommodate their needs & wishes. You can place orders directly with your regular point of contact. By phone of by e-mail Whatever you prefer.

Official Dealer
World Bearing Trade is the official dealer for many renowned brands and we have many of their products in stock. Thanks to our close connection to the factories, we can also deliver specials, odd sizes and large quantities quickly. We can even have custom versions or entirely new designs produced for your specific application, providing extensive advice and guidance throughout.

All brands
Here at World Bearing Trade you can even order bearings from brands for whom we are not an official dealer, as long as they meet our quality requirements. There are bearing manufacturers all over the world, who are known to only keep small stocks themselves, resulting in long waits.

To guarantee quick service, we also have most bearings by these brands in stock. Even if we don’t have your bearing of choice in stock, we can always find a way. Because we can purchase whatever you need from official parties in our global network, you can be sure of receiving original products covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Stockpile partner
Many of our customers have World Bearing Trade stockpile their components for them. In close consultation with the customer, we will ensure we have the right bearings available in sufficient quantities in our warehouse. We can deliver all year round at fixed intervals or on demand.

Interested? Feel free to ask about the possibilities. You’ll save space, won’t have to invest in stock yourself and you’ll never miss out. Products can be packaged and labelled per your specifications, e.g. for specific projects or locations.

Our warehouse is highly automated. We even have our own ICT department for smart logistics processes, ensuring seamless links between customers, orders, stock levels, shipments and invoices. Thanks to strict controls and quality assurance, orders are shipped correctly and on time.

Thanks to our thorough knowledge and extensive experience, you can turn to us for a responsible, cost-friendly bearing recommendation, including calculations and modifications.

If you have special queries about switching to a bearing made of different materials or produced by a different brand, or if you would like to have damage or excessive wear analysed, why not make use of our expert technical department? Our product specialist is always At your disposal !

Social Return of Investment

Social Return of Investment

Big enough to handle, small enough to care

A company is more than its name, more than the building it calls home and more than its products and services. First and foremost, a company revolves around its customers and employees – and the relationship between them. Although technology plays an important role in the bearing industry, we believe that business is an essentially human endeavour.

Our slogan (Big enough to handle, small enough to care), reflects the service we provide to our customers. It is also the core philosophy behind how we do business:  for our customers, our employees and the environment.

Vitality, health and engagement are key values for us, and we put them into practice by treating our employees to fresh fruit every day and giving them access to exercise facilities and even a personal trainer. Lively, healthy employees are happier and enjoy their work more.

Through sponsorship and active involvement we support various events and organisations, preferably in the field of sports and leisure and with a local scope.

Some of our sponsorship efforts include:

Mud & Obstacle Run Vlaardingen
Challenge 4 Bikkels
Oostvoorne Cycling Tour and former pro cyclist Maarten den Bakker
The Night of Woerden Cycling Tour
Vlaardingen animal shelter

Big enough to handle your needs,

small enough to care.