Marcelino Seymor

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2012

“Happy with who I am and what I do”

As a child, Marcelino Seymore dreamed of becoming a millionaire. “And a teacher… Only when I imagined having twenty mini-Marcelino’s in my class, I realized I wouldn’t be able to keep up.”

He is happy with who he is and what he does. So if he had the chance to redo anything in life, he would pass. “I wouldn’t want to change anything. If I had done things differently, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Maybe the only thing I would do differently is work harder to become a millionaire, haha. “

Cooking, eating and socializing
He is happily married and the proud father of two children. “I like cooking, eating and socializing.”

The best thing about his work as a purchaser at World Bearing Trade is Marcelino’s contact with suppliers. “And to receive even better prices from them.”

I cannot be strict
I am very happy as a purchaser. Being a manager wouldn’t be for him. “I am too friendly, I can’t be very strict and as a manager you sometimes have to.”

After his study Environmental Science, Marcelino first worked as a soil researcher. He joined World Bearing Trade through his brother-in-law Nelson da Cruz.

Sleep in and play poker
Marcelino prefers to start the day with a sleep-in. “After that some nice music. The day gets even better with a ray of sunshine and laughing with my colleagues and family.” He also enjoys playing poker in his spare time.

“On Friday we have a family dinner followed by relaxing and catching up in our garden. Saturday is all about field hockey and football for the children. Sunday is for relaxing and watching football,  preferably with a nice drink. “

Photograph with Frans Bauer
“What was our best vacation ever? Difficult question… every holiday had its charms. But If I really have to choose one, Turkey stands out the most. We met a friend of my wife Sonja, with their two children. They were around the same age as our children.

What also stayed with me, even though it wasn’t really a holiday, is a visit to Euro Disney. We ran into Frans Bauer (a Dutch singer) Meagan, our youngest, took a picture with him. “