Bryn Siegersma

Export Sales
Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2017

“I give it a hundred percent”

The “three f’s” in Bryn Siegersma’s life would stand for the following, he explains with a smile on his face: “Family, friends, football. Specifically in that order.”
His work at World Bearing Trade is also dear to him. “The best thing about my job is the contact with other people. I get along great with my colleagues as well as with our customers and suppliers. They ensure that I enjoy my work a lot. “

Restaurant La place
Prior to joining World Bearing Trade, Bryn was a floor manager at a La Place restaurant. He started working there while studying: Tourism and Recreation. He would love to finish that study if he could turn back time. “I dropped out in my third year. I was delayed for six months. During that time I started working at La Place and liked it so much that I ended up staying. The company allowed me to complete another study, which I did.”

Winner mentality
Bryn is a go-getter. Which explains his life motto: “You never fail until you stop trying.”  A characteristic trade is his winner mentality. When I do something, I give it a hundred percent.”
That being said, he wanted to get as high as possible on the highest mountain he ever stood on. “In Tenerife, the El Teide, which is 3.718 meters high. We did the first part with a jeep and we continued by foot when we were no longer able to continue by car.”

You will always remember a holiday with your friends
He relaxes by playing football, getting together with friends and watching Netflix. Bryn also likes to cook. “Sometimes I get inspired by a recipe in a cookbook and then I go to the Market hall in Rotterdam to get the ingredients.”

The best holiday ever was in 2009. “To Chersonissos, together with seven of my friends. We enjoyed the parties with the entire group. You will always remember such a holiday with your friends.”

Bryn likes to start the day with a warm shower, followed by a cup of coffee. Humor and the happiness of others, make his day. This doesn’t apply to people complaining. “I find it terrible, although sometimes I’m guilty of it myself, haha.”

 Sleep-in on weekends
He mainly spends the weekend with his friends and his girlfriend. “The ideal way to spend the weekend is with my girlfriend, preferably one evening with my friends and football on Sunday!”

If time and money wouldn’t be an issue? He would weekly attend at least one football match in the Netherlands or abroad.”

It’s time for family expansion
The ideal age according to Bryn is 25. “I would like that age to be permanent. You’re an adult, but also at an age where you (think you) can handle anything. Not only in terms of sports, but also a hangover is still doable. And the expectations of those around you are lower. For example nowadays people ask me if I have children, I was never asked that question when I was 25.”

I don’t have any children yet but Bryn is ready, he admits when he’s asked about his wishes for the next three years. “I hope that in three years’ time I will still be together with my girlfriend Elsemieke, that everyone around me is healthy… and that we have a new addition to our family.”