Erik Plank

Logistics Planner
Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 1998

“Fear is there to be conquered”

Erik Plank knew from a very young age what he wanted to become: a Chef!. “I have three diplomas and I really liked it… until I spoke to a Chef during my internship who said that I would always work on weekends. Then I wouldn’t be able to play football or attend any parties, because I would be working. This wasn’t for me so I decided to change jobs.”

He worked various jobs; at a vegetable auction, as a driver for a painting company and also in a warehouse. In 1998 he joined World Bearing Trade where he is a Logistic Planner.  He’s enjoying his position “I especially like the diversity of my job.”

Seize the day
Erik is “a cheerful man who likes to socialize and be around other people.” The two most important things in life are health and friendship. A saying that suits him is: Seize the day. He has a lot of patience and is a good listener.

From skiing to après-ski
The best holiday ever was a winter sports holiday with friends. “Skiing in Italy, the four of us met other friends with whom we spent that week. After skiing we enjoyed the après-ski.

”If I could stop working and money wouldn’t’ be an issue: I would play football more often and go on skiing every year.”

Afraid of horses
When asked about an experience that always stuck with him, Erik replies: I am a little afraid of horses and yet I went horseback riding once. Everyone should overcome one of their fears at least once in life.”

Different choice in school
If there is anything he would be allowed to do different,  it would be his education. “Then I would’ve made a different choice in school. I would’ve gone in the sport direction.”

Chewing food loudly
Erik suffers from mysiphonia. What it means? “I can’t stand it when people chew loudly or make loud sounds with their cutlery when eating.“ On the other hand, his day is made better by cheerfulness and humor.

 3 is my favourite number
According to him, the ideal age is 33. “A nice number too, 3 is actually my favourite number.” One skill he would like to master is “being more handy, it would be nice to be able to do more myself.”

Football and Devin: great combination
The ideal weekend is for Erik to play football and spend time with his son Devin. That combination is also found in the answer to the question what he is looking forward to in the upcoming years: “Devin’s development in football.”