Yannick Ravenstijn

Export Sales
Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2018

“You have to make the most of it”

Yannick Ravenstijn sees life on the bright side. “I believe that you should make the most out of life. So enjoy every moment with friends and family! Celebrate each day as if it’s your last”

My colleagues are also my friends
Yannick is having a great time at work. “There’s a lot of friendship at the office. Where do you find that? What I enjoy most is that together, and as a team, we strive to serve our customers well every day. We are appreciated for our work, which gives me a good feeling.”

“Asking her out”
Yannick likes to take initiative. Also when it comes to love.
“Five years ago I asked my girlfriend out. At that point she was seeing my best friend, but they just didn’t like each other that much anymore.
We are still happily together. In the coming years we hope to buy our own house together.

First holiday without parents: party in Renesse
One of the best holidays was Yannick’s first holiday without his parents. “I was sixteen and I went to Renesse with a group of friends. We all passed our exams; so it was party-time for a whole week. ”

Being ready for someone else
Yannick is always there for other people – both at work and in private. He says that the Corona time has made him appreciate even more small things in life. “For example, a chat: just ask if someone is okay…”

Not a gym teacher due to bad knee
His dream job used to be a gym teacher. “But, because of my bad knee, that didn’t happen. If I could choose again, I would go in a completely different direction. At school I was always good at Biology. I think I would have chosen for physiotherapy or something similar. ”
What he certainly does not aspire to, is a financial position. “Working with numbers all day, it’s just not for me.”

Sleep in
Yannick admits he likes to sleep in,. He has found a solution: “Every evening I make sure everything I need is ready to take with me the next day, which gives me a little more time to sleep in.”
He gets out of bed easily when he goes fishing, for carp. He would do this hobby much more often if time and money were not a problem.

Standing on your own two feet felt good
When asked what age he would have liked to keep forever, it sounds resolute: “18”. The world opens up to you at that age… You know what you can and can’t do. And I really liked becoming independent. ”

Overcome your fears
Does he have another tip for people? “Go skydiving or bungee jumping. If only to overcome your fears. That will help you for the rest of your life.”