Robert Boxem

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 1996

“I am proud of what we achieve together”

Robert Boxem doesn’t fear any challenge. Not even when he is on holiday. The CEO of World Bearing Trade once climbed the Kilimanjaro. To the top of the mountain within eight days.
Along the way we slept in camps and we ate chocolate. This helped us to keep a high energy level, but it also helps against altitude sickness.

According to him, everyone should climb a mountain at least once in their life. It’s a great experience and by doing it, you develop determination.

Perform together
When asked about something Robert thinks: “I can’t believe I did that…” he replies:
“I’m proud of building up World Bearing Trade. I never thought we would have 40 employees. It’s fantastic what we achieve together.”

Professional Football
Just like what every boy dreams of,  Robert also wanted to become a professional footballer. He had the talent and he did it, he made his dream come true. Robert was a professional footballer for two years.

Sport is still important in his life. If he had more time, he would love to learn to dive. “And play golf. I also want to do a triathlon once.”

Walking the dog
The best way to start the day for Robert is to walk the dog. This also helps him to relax during the weekends. “Other favourite things to do at the weekend? Having dinner in a restaurant, enjoying a drink, exercising and watching a good series.”
He can also enjoy a piece of chocolate.

I do everything to stay fit
Robert doesn’t long for his younger years and is satisfied with the present. “There isn’t really an ideal age. I just don’t want to age. But I especially want to stay fit. Or better: getting even fitter for the challenges that are undoubtedly still to come.”

Robert is known for being compassionate. He can empathize to others well.
However, he can be annoyed by people who stir their coffee with their spoon for too long. He immediately confesses that he has no interest in Carnival whatsoever.

If there is one skill he would like to master, it’s definitely: To be able to sing all the lyrics of all songs. : “Except Carnival songs, haha!”