Sven Vlottes

General Director
Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2004

“Started with a summer job… I never left”

General manager Sven Vlottes once started at World Bearing Trade while working in the workshop during summer. While studying International Business Studies I got the opportunity to start a fulltime job here. I actually never left and managed to work in the purchase, sales and export department before  I eventually ended up in my current position.

“The most fun part of my job is the diversity, everyday there’s a different challenge. I also enjoy the teamwork between me and my colleagues and the cooperation with customers/suppliers. “

The children have a dance party when I get back from work
In my private life, family is extremely important to Sven. “I love spending time with my family. I am married and have two children. Whenever I get home from work, the children have a daily dance party……It’s the best.”

“I also like to go fishing. My other hobbies would definitely be cooking and eating.”

On top of the Mont Blanc
Holidays are without a doubt also precious family moments. “Like that time in the Ardèche at a campsite with a mobile home, a nice three weeks with the family. Or the two weeks Curaçao: two weeks at Papagayo Beach Resort with the family.”

The highest mountain on which Sven once stood was the Mont Blanc in France. “During a bearing course at NTN-SNR. When we climbed the Mont Blanc, there were participants who had never seen snow before. It was very special to share that moment with them. “

Fishing in Suriname
There’s nothing Sven would want to redo if possible. “I am satisfied with everything as it is.” If time and money were no problem, he would travel far. “To go fishing in special places. Starting with Suriname.“

Different departments
He has worked in numerous departments within World Bearing Trade. “I am happy that it never included field service, it just wouldn’t be for me.” One thing he would like to get better at are odd jobs. “I would like to be handier around the house, so I could build and create things myself.”

Making breakfast together
It will not surprise you, but weekends are best when they are involved around family. “Making breakfast with Lux while waiting for Goos and Lis to come downstairs. After breakfast go fishing and days out with the family of course.”