Ton Melsbach

Product Specialist
Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2009

“Interested in technology from a very young age”

As a product specialist, Ton Melsbach knows everything about bearings. His interest in technology started at a very young age. As a child he wanted to become a technical draftsman. “How come? I used to walk past a school with a large sign with drawings. I thought it was very interesting. ”

He would never want to work as a butcher. “I would find it awful to do that kind of work.”

Fooling everyone
Asked about his best holiday ever, Ton replies “Balkonia”. When interpreting that answer, it’s good to consider his response to the question of what his most special quality is. Which is: “Fooling everyone.”

The highest mountain he ever stood on was the Rothorn in Switzerland. We checked that, just to be sure… and it is true.

Fishing and modelling
Ton prefers to start the day by eating rusk. The day cannot go wrong when the sun is shining. Hobbies he would do if time and money weren’t a problem are fishing and building models. ”

Being active at the weekend
Ton prefers to spend his weekend actively. “I like to do stuff. It doesn’t really matter what, as long as I can be busy doing something. Cycling or walking, for example. ”

He would like to add flying with wings to that. That is a skill that he would like to be able to master when asked what he would love to learn.

“What should everyone do at least once in their life? Look in the mirror and ask yourself: Am I really the person who I see? ”

What are you most looking forward to in the next three years? Ton answers this last question,  with a joke, but also philosophically: “The horizon.”