Sander Bouman

Domestic Sales Director
Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 1998

“If you’re not happy, you should do something about it”

Sander has a heartfelt advise to young people: “If you have the opportunity, start a family at a young age. I used to think that I was not ready for it. When my son Mason was born, all I could think was: if only I had taken that step sooner.”

His son means the world to him. When Sander is asked what he is looking forward to in the next three years, he answered: ”See Mason grow up. He is going to hit puberty and people change during that time. I am curious about those changes and what kind of man he will eventually become…”

Different people, from different industries
Sander has been with World Bearing Trade for more than twenty years. He was asked to join by Robert Boxem, the current CEO. “The best thing about my job is the contact I have with different people from different industries. New challenges every day.”

Having fun during the weekend
During the week the focus is on work. “We have fun during the weekend with friends and family. We actually meet up every two weeks with the same group of friends. What we’ll end up doing is very diverse, an example is having a meal together. The weekend is also revolved around my son’s football. I enjoy watching the game and having a drink afterwards.”

Money is there to be spent
Sander is generous. “I will never hesitate to pay for a round of drinks. The Dutch saying: Money is round and has to roll – otherwise they would’ve made it square is really applicable to me. However my life motto is: If you’re not happy, you should do something about it.”

Still friends
Asked about his best holiday, Sander goes back to his childhood. “A vacation with my parents forty years ago in Fuengirola, Spain. We had a very nice apartment on the boulevard. On the plane we met a friend of my father’s together with his two children, whom I was friends with at the time. We ended up spending the entire holiday together and even until this day we’re all still friends.” 

Using the ski lift to go down
Another memorable vacation was a ski weekend with World Bearing Trade. I really wanted to learn how to snowboard. I was so excited, however it didn’t go that well. I never got passed the practice ski slope for beginners. I did go up once to have lunch with everyone, but I used the ski lift to go down again. It was probably for the best”

I’m done with rollercoasters
Nowadays Sander also avoids rollercoasters. “While I used to ride them consecutively… Now I am actually afraid, looking back I think it’s quite an accomplishment that I used to ride them when I was younger.”

Daydreaming of a yacht
If time and money weren’t an issue, he would buy a big boat. “Sailing everywhere, toes in the sand and relax” But also without his yacht he’s happy. Sander enjoys the little things in life: “A text message or phone call from my son Mason, a kiss from my girlfriend Ella as long as my loved ones are well.”

A bounty island is just a bounty island
He used to want to become a Chef. He actually became a courier and a warehouse employee, but he feels right at home in the sales department. A job that wouldn’t be for me is a truck driver because “I hate driving for a long period of time, that includes flying. That’s why I will never go to the Dominican Republic again. Purely because it’s a nine-hour flight, I’m not willing to do that anymore. After three days a bounty island is just a bounty island.”