Willem van Beekum

Key Accountmanager
Date of birth
Nieuw Vennep
Working at WBT
Since 1999

``I would like to be able to speak Spanish and Italian``

Willem van Beekum easily makes contact with people. Together with his human knowledge, this comes in handy with his job in the sales. He knew that from a young age. “As a child I didn’t have a dream job or anything. But, I wanted to work with people, I knew that. ”

Working in the field is ideal for him. “I am not suitable for a job where I have to sit indoors all day. I’ve been in the field for 34 years. I wouldn’t want it any other way. ”

With a camper through America
His best holiday ever was a tour through America. “That was in 2007, with my family.
We made a tour together with a camper. We’ve been to all the famous places: San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas – where we’ve gambled $ 1,200 together – Orlando, Miami and so on. Of course we also went to Disney. We drove around for three weeks, but that was really too short. ”

I sold my racing bike with a heavy heart
What he wanted for a long time since he has been an adult, was to ride a motorcycle. “Ten years ago I finally got my motorcycle license. Because of the course of life, I kept putting that off.
I quickly bought a motorbike and then drove a lot, together with a friend. Unfortunately, I had to sell that bike two years ago, with a heavy heart. I hardly ever used it anymore, so I had to sell it.
That was a shame. ”

Speed ​​still attracts Willem. When asked what hobby he would do if time and money weren’t an issue, he says: “Drive expensive, fast sports cars and visit Formula 1 races worldwide.”

With a child you know what true love is
If he had the opportunity to do one thing differently, it would be to study longer. “Then I would like to expand my technical knowledge.”

He hopes other people have the opportunity to have a child at least once in their lives. “At that point you’ll know what real love is.”

Enjoy a barbecue with the family
The best way to start the day is with a cup of tea. “Which taste? Earl Grey. ” The “little things” that then make the day completely perfect are Willem’s family, children, and grandchildren.

He can never get enough of them. He prefers to spend his weekend with them. “Together with my wife, of course. Enjoying a nice barbecue with disco-music from the 70s. ”

And one of the upcoming highlights will undoubtedly be his daughter’s wedding. Willem’s patience is being tested: the party was already planned, but had to be postponed due to Corona.

I can’t stand gossip
What he absolutely hates, is gossip. “I can’t stand it when people tell things that are not true or when someone is biased. Bleh!”

As a communicator, Willem recognizes the importance of speaking different languages. “I would like to master more foreign languages. I only speak English and German. But I think Spanish and Italian are so beautiful… ”