Brian van den Berg

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2010

“Enjoy the little moments in life”

‘A deal is a deal’ and ‘no words just actions’ are both life mottos of Brian van den Berg. A combination, which he adheres both in his work and private life. Whether it concerns decisions he makes as financial manager or when he decides to push his boundries. Like the time he went bungeejumping.

Brian lives his life the way he wants to. “At the end of the day, I think it’s imporant to be able to look at yourself in the mirror.” I always give my full dedication, in everything I do.

If he would be allowed a do-over, he wouldn’t need it. “There’s nothing I would do any different, moments and memories make you who you are and I am happy where I am today”. The single dad who is known for his empathy and humor.

ING to World Bearing Trade
After pre-university education, Brian attended the school of Economics in Rotterdam. He then continued to work for ING for ten years. While working at the bank he met the Boxen family and World Bearing Trade. “There was a good collaboration and we decided to continue our journey together.” He never regretted that decision. He still likes the company , collegues and the diversity in his work provides the desired variety.

New Year’s Eve in New York
The variety can also be found in his vacation destinations. The two holidays that stand out most are coincidentally both in the United States of America, but completely different. “A roadtrip with my father which included Los Angeles and the Grand Canyon, The other one is celebrating Christmas and Newyear’s in New York together with friends.

More boxing
Brian also has varied hobbies: “Running, boxing, motorcycling, listening to music and watching Netflix.” If he had more time (and money) he would pick up golfing where he left off, but also participate in car races. “Boxing more often and becomming better at it. I would also like to be more handy… to be able to create/build things myself.”

Nice Song
As said, he is very satisfied with how things are. There are many things that bring color to his day. Whether is’s a nice song, good conversation or having a beer while out in the sun.” In weekends he likes the combination of relaxing and doing something active: “Going for a run in the morning, having lunch at home while enjoying the sun and going out for dinner at night.