Richard Grundeken

Manager ICT
Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 1999

“Diving and photography are easy to combine hobbies while on holiday”

While being self-employed Richard Grundeken was lucky enough to have done various jobs for World Bearing Trade over the years. When he was able to join as IT Manager there was no hesitation.  

The best part of his job would be the diversity in daily challenges. “Something that wouldn’t be for me is working in the sales department. “

From Alaska to Australia
Richard is living a varied life. “In my spare time I like to go out photographing, diving or play videogames. Diving and photography are always combined when on holiday, I manage to do this in the Netherlands but especially abroad. Fitness is currently part of my weekly routine, with the aim of getting fitter and staying healthy.”

When it comes to vacations, he likes to travel far. His favourite trips were to Alaska and Australia. “Because of Alaska’s  road trips, freedom, tranquillity, nature and friendliness . And Australia because of the cities.”

Computers always had my interest
The term did not exist at the time but it was already clear in Richard’s childhood that he would end up in ICT. “Yes, even as a child computers always had my interest.” If he ever had the chance for a do-over it would also be related tot his topic: “I would continue to study, specifically to learn programming.”

On the other hand if he could’ve stopped time it would be around the age of 32. “The ideal age: then you are still full of energy, but also mature.”

Always helpful
Richard is especially appreciated by his colleagues for his helpfulness. His answer to the question what he thinks is an unpleasant habit of people is therefore not surprising: “Not being there for others.”

He is good at putting things into perspective. His life motto: “Sometimes you have to forget what you’re feeling and remember your worth.”

Parachute jump
You can experience this for example during a parachute jump. That is what Richard recommends everyone to do at least once in life. “To experience what it feels like to overcome your fear.”

Nice weather makes the day more beautiful
The best way to start the day: “With music as my alarm and a cup of tea.” The day becomes even better when the weather is nice. Gaming, sports and relaxing on the couch while watching a movie/series is Richard’s favourite way to spend the weekend.