Nelson do Rosario

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2014

“Realize that not everyone has access to clean drinking water”

Persistence is the character trait that defines Nelson do Rosario.
He once walked for 24 hours straight: He managed to complete 110 kilometres during this special event. “Till this day I can’t believe I managed to complete such a distance and walk for so many hours.”

His life motto came in quite handy during that ‘little walk’: “Even when things get difficult, appreciate and focus on the things that are going right.”

Helping my colleagues
He is managing to do so while working at World Bearing Trade. “The part I like most is that my job is very diverse, that I can help my colleagues and learn something new on a daily basis.”

He joined World Bearing Trade through his namesake: Nelson da Cruz.” I started out in the sales department. After one year I transferred to the warehouse and three years later I got the opportunity to join my current position in the ICT department. “

From astronomy to boxing
“I was already interested in ICT and science as well as astronomy, history and architecture” says Rosario. His hobbies are mainly focussed on sports: fitness, football and boxing.  But also reading and playing online/board games. And when time permits having a beer during the weekend with family and friends.

Little one on the way
“My family and the people around me are most important to me”. And that list is expanding: There’s a little one on the way. It goes without saying that I am extremely looking forward to it and watching my daughter grow up of course.”

His best holiday ever was a road trip through Morocco. “Two weeks together with my girlfriend Laura. We have seen a large part of Morocco by car.” During that vacation Nelson stood on the highest mountain he’s been to so far: the Atlas Mountains.

I always wanted to become a pilot
If he had managed to land his dream job, his view would have been even higher: as a pilot. Even to his day, if he had the time and money his newest hobby would be: “Being able to fly a small airplane.” Another skill that he would like to learn would be playing the guitar.

 Think first
His best quality if he could say so himself:  “I always think before speaking my mind.

But the answer tot he question if there’s anything he would do different if he could turn back time: “Get more out of school. At the time I was not sure in which direction to go. I couldn’t decide what study was most appealing.”

In the end he chose the Dutch MBO4 in the retail direction but he eventually found the right path along the way.

I have a positive outlook on life
The best way to start the day is with music “and sunshine.” The day will be even better if it’s filled with humor.

“I have a positive outlook on life and I try to treat others as I would like to be treated myself.“ Nelson doesn’t take things for granted. That is why his answer to the question: What should everyone do at least once in their life… “Travel around the world. So they understand what life’s like elsewhere in the world and realize that not everyone has access to clean drinking water.”