Luis Ramos

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2018

``Don't run away from your fear``

Luis Ramos is not afraid. Bungee jumping on the Müllerpier? He doesn’t turn his back on it (and neither does his stomach). “Skydiving was also impressive. I once won a prize and it was a duo jump. Together with an instructor we jumped out of a plane. It was very special to feel weightless. It all went very quickly. ”
In fact, everyone should bungee jump at least once in their life, he says: “To experience the fear and push boundaries.”

Visiting family in Cape Verde
Luis’ best holiday was in Cape Verde. “I was there for six weeks with my girlfriend. We mainly visited family. ”

One destination that is at the top of his wish list is the United States. “If I had the money and the time, I would travel more. My first destination would be America. The diversity of that country really attracts me. I especially want to see nature. ”

Early in military service
His dream job used to be a professional football player. But if he could turn back time, he would continue learning. “Yes, I would go to school and try harder. I entered the military service and unfortunately I never finished school after that. ”

Easy going
Luis is friendly, easy going. “Unless people turn out to be biased.”

He prefers to start the day early and with a cup of coffee. For him the day is already a success “with a good meal and doing fun things with the family.”

Dance and sing
The ideal age, according to Luis, is 22 years old. The explanation: “Then you are physically and mentally fit and starting to get mature.” One skill he would still like to master is singing. “I can dance already.”

Finishing the house
His has a few favourite activities at the weekend. “I always want to spend time with my family and preferably having a night out (eating at a restaurant) and exercising.” The weekends also come in handy for DIY work. In the coming years, Luis has planned to finish his house.