Ard Biesheuvel

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2017

``On Friday evening we solve all world problems in the pub``

Without coffee, life would be a lot less fun, says Ard Biesheuvel. It starts early in the morning. According to him, the best way to start the day is: “Wake up, literally open your eyes. And then a cup of coffee. ”

Friendly face
But even after that, the caffeine boost helps as one of those little things that make his day better. Although the fun of “having a cup of coffee together” actually weighs more heavily. “Friendly people make life more fun. If you start the day with a friendly face in front of you, it could make your day. ”

Diving in Curaçao
There is no uncertainty about the favourite holiday destination of Ard and his wife: “We have been going to Curaçao for 25 years, to the Marriott Hotel or to Barbara Beach. The house reefs lie right next to the accommodation, which makes it a very nice place to dive. We always stay there for two weeks. ”
However, he also has good memories of the Mont Ventoux in France: “Driving through the mountains in a convertible car.” According to Ard, everyone should go on holiday on their own at least once in their life. “You can do whatever you like and you don’t have to depend on anyone else.”

The boss
When asked about his most special quality, Ard answers honestly: “My stubbornness.” That may also explain his dream job as a child. “I wanted to become the boss of a company. I hated it when someone told me what to do. Fortunately, that is a little less now. ”
Suppose you were allowed to do something again, what would it be? “Finishing my law degree.”

Recorder lessons
But if time and money weren’t a problem, he would focus on his hobbies: traveling, photography and reading. One skill he would like to learn is to make music. “I would love to be able to play musical instruments. I have had recorder lessons, but after a few lessons it became clear to me that I have no talent for it. I would have liked to be more talented in doing things with my hands.

Ideal age
Ard sometimes longs back to the time when he was 25. “At that age you have a good basis and everything is still ahead of you. But then I would like to have the same knowledge and life experience of today. ”
He has plenty of self-knowledge at the age of 63. Because he has this knowledge, he knows which job wouldn’t suit him at all: Bookkeeper. I don’t care if the decimal point is correct. I’d rather go for the big picture. ”

I want things to go back to normal
What are you most looking forward to in the next three years? “To get through this misery together. That corona is out of the world and everything is back to normal. I don’t want the “new normal”. I want the “old normal” to come back. ”
When that happens, it will be possible to go to the pub with 30 people again or have a Friday afternoon drink with friends and colleagues. “Have a nice talk with each other. That way, we will solve all the problems in the world. Together with people from different backgrounds. Notaries, farmers, livestock keepers, etc. “