Jelger van Toor

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2017

``Working together and singing together``

No, he would never sign up for The Voice of Holland, but if there is one thing that Jelger van Toor would like to be able to do better, it’s singing. He likes to sing, also at work, preferably together with colleagues. “Fortunately there is room for a joke here. The diversity and working together and singing together with colleagues are the best things about my job. ”

My brother from another mother
He works at the Sales Department and has extensive experience in technical wholesale.
Before joining World Bearing Trade, he was a Senior Salesman at a hardware and tools wholesaler. He owes the switch to the world of gears and accessories to colleague Sander Bouman. “My brother from another mother.”

Exercise at work
Jelger is the father of two sons. His main hobbies are photography and enjoying good food with friends. “And of course, try to stay in shape by exercising (for which World Bearing Trade has the right fitness facilities).”

Also playing football (and watching his son play football) and skiing are among Jelger’s favourite activities. If Jelger didn’t have to work and had all the time in the world, he would love to ski down mountains. “And I would help the elderly people.”

If only I were always 30
Jelger is curious and eager to learn more and more. So his money was well spent during his best holiday so far: “A tour through Thailand. It was a luxury backpacking trip with my girlfriend, who was pregnant with our first child. ”

If there is one thing he would like to do again, it would be to relive the moment when he first became a father. And according to him the ideal age is 30 years. “Then you have enough experience. Yes, I wish I was 30 years old forever. ”

Do I have a motto? Yes: take life with a grain of salt… a slice of lemon and a shot of tequila. ”

My children’s smile
The best way to start the day for Jelger is with a cup of black coffee. That day then only gets better when he sees the smiles of his children.

The ideal weekend contains fun and doing nice things with friends and family.
And watching the football match of his eldest son of course.
His main goal for the coming years is: “See my children grow up and see the youngest go to primary school.”