Peter Berghout

Medical Personal Trainer
Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2015

``I really want to see the whole world``

After 18 years with the Marine Corps, Peter switched to the corporate world after a number of serious injuries.
He started as a Medical Personal trainer at WBT in 2015, where he first trained Robert, but the rest soon followed. Since 2017 this became a full-time job and he specialized in injury prevention and treatment. Peter is honest and sincere. This comes in handy during the personal training he gives. People who exercise with him, really have to work hard.

“Honeymoon” through Thailand
As a marine, Peter Berghout has seen a lot of the world. Apart from the military exercises and working in different countries, he thinks back of one trip with special memories: a holiday to Thailand, together with his Louisa. “After six months of deployment to Africa, I had said to Louisa: Book a ticket to Thailand. She had never been to Asia. We made a tour for three weeks: We went backpacking. I told everyone there, we were on our honeymoon. With that excuse we got a bridal suite in a kind of palace, with a view of the sea.” In between the holidays, he and his family lived in Aruba for 4 years. Nick was only 3 months old. “That was a very special time for me”.

Quite a few mountain tops
Even though he has travelled a lot through his work, Peter would still travel the world if time and money were not an issue. “I really want to see the whole world. From top to bottom, every cave and every mountain. ” He would prefer to skip Iraq. He doesn’t want to go back there. “Why not? It’s not a very pleasant country, ”he says diplomatically.
He has seen different mountains in various countries such as Norway, America, England, Italy and others. He has no idea which was the highest. “One in Norway, I think. During my naval time I saw many mountains. ”

Parachute accident
He also followed parachute training. “Just before my final jump, I had an accident during a jump. I went straight through a bunch of trees. After a while I still managed to finish the parachute training. ”

If he could turn back time he, there is one thing he would do different. Something that touches him: “Building the relationship with my father. As years passed, my relationship with him became less and less. Then he died and it was too late. ”

Good start to the day: with push-ups
From his naval time, Peter also has a special habit to start the day. “With push-ups, or another physical stimulus.” So it is a good thing that he has become a personal trainer.

That work gives him great satisfaction. “For example, when people who have trained with me walk away with a smile after an hour of hard work. Or when I have been able to help people with injuries… That they lose the injury by training specifically. ”

I don’t like mixed drinks
One job that wouldn’t suit him is being a bartender. “No, standing behind the bar doesn’t appeal to me at all. I don’t like mixed drinks and pouring drinks for people. ”

Something else what doesn’t make him happy, are people who make excuses so they don’t have to something. “Or when they can’t make a choice. So they want something but in the end don’t do it, because they can’t make a choice. ”

“What would I like to learn? Playing the piano and making music in general. ”

Physical stimulus
It won’t come as a surprise: Peter likes to be physically active, even at the weekend.
“A physical stimulus with friends. But I also enjoy relaxing with my family. Or a massage or sauna visit for myself. ”

What does Peter say everyone should do at least once in life? “Being pulled beyond his or her physical boundary and taking on an impossible challenge. Then you really get to know yourself. ”

He himself is also looking forward to a challenge: “Achieve a triathlon.
But of course the most important thing is health. And having beautiful moments & traveling with family and friends. ”