Baselier reference

“As a stockpile partner, World Bearing Trade has become a truly stable factor in our business processes. I wish all my suppliers worked this way.”

Baselier Agri Tech: ‘Stable factor in our business processes’

Baselier Agri Tech designs and manufactures agricultural machinery from its headquarters in Steenbergen and has earned a stellar reputation for its full field tillers, row tillers, planting machines and haulm toppers for tillage and potato and outdoor vegetable cultivation. All these machines have to meet the demands of customers who will only settle for the best, so Baselier takes exactly the same approach for its parts.

That is why Baselier Agri Tech has relied on World Bearing Trade for the bearings it uses in its agricultural machinery since 2013. In addition to high-quality products, Piet Adriaansen was looking for a delivery schedule that would mesh with Baselier’s production planning.

“In the past, I had a bearing supplier who would deliver my bearings in batches, which kept leading to production delays. World Bearing Trade knew about these problems and offered to work out a solution together. I was taken by their genuine interest: they wanted to help me find a way forward. After a few cups of coffee, I decided to give them the chance to prove themselves as my bearing supplier.”

Smooth sailing
“It’s been smooth sailing ever since’, a satisfied Piet Adriaansen points out. ‘Every year, I update our needs & wishes. We have stable price agreements, they stockpile bearings for me and I get my bearings delivered when I need them.”

“Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a single missing part in all those years. It’s quite remarkable, come to think of it. I wish all my suppliers worked that way. As a stockpile partner, World Bearing Trade has become a truly stable factor in our business processes.”

Mutual trust
“I’m comfortable at World Bearing Trade and I enjoy visiting their offices, and I believe they feel the same way. We always communicate openly, no matter where we meet. We work well together and there is considerable mutual trust between us. They’ve solved my problems while taking everything out of my hands. Now, production never stops here. I don’t think we’d be able to do without each other anymore.”