Sammy Marcus

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2016

“Diving with wild dolphins… I'll never forget that”

Some people hope that they can finally spot dolphins on a boat trip during the holidays. Others pay a lot of money to swim with the intriguing and intelligent animals. Sammy Marcus didn’t need any effort. She was so lucky, she accidently spotted dolphins while diving in Egypt. “Together with my father. The wild dolphins just came to swim with us. A very special experience which I will never forget. ”

Building igloos together during winter sports
Holidays turn out to play an important role in Sammy’s life. She has plenty of good memories from them. “I’ve had so many great holidays. We used to go to France every year. We spent three weeks on a campsite with the whole family and we all went to do fun things. For example, I ran in a Peter Pan suit when it was 35 degrees Celsius! In winter we went to Austria every year. Also together with the whole family, all in one big house. Snowboarding and building igloos. The only thing was, they were finished by the time we had to leave, but hey, it’s about the experience and fun together! ”

“When I was a little older, France was exchanged for Curaçao. Not with the whole family, but with our household. We enjoyed diving and the weather was beautiful. ”

New stage of life
Every holiday suits a new phase of life. “My son Jayden went on a wintersport holiday for the first time last year. He stood on my snowboard for the first time, together with me. So nice to see how much fun he had and how he got all those new impressions! ”

View from the bright side
Sammy is honest and kind. She enjoys life, prefers to look at things from the positive side. “I enjoy little things. For example, when I see that Jayden is happy and he is doing well. Or when I can laugh with the people around me. Receiving compliments is always nice and I enjoy when sports and exercise go well. ” She grants it to everyone: “Finding the happiness in the little things.”

Trainer of killer whales
As a child she dreamed of becoming a vet. “And a trainer of killer whales. That was because of the movie Free Willy. ”

That moment when you can hold your child for the first time …
If there was one thing that she could experience again, it’s obvious for Sammy what that would be: “Becoming a mother… Reliving the moment when you see your child for the first time and can hold it.

His laugh
She adores her little boy. The best way to start the day is: “Watch Jayden … how he wakes up, see his smile on his face and then cuddle up together.”
He also plays the leading role at the weekends. “I prefer to do something fun with Jayden, and continue playing sports & exercise and photography. Friday evening is reserved for a nice dinner with my family. ”

Snowboarding and water sports
If time and money weren’t an issue, Sammy would go on holiday as much as possible. But she would choose active holidays: “Enjoy snowboarding in winter and watersports in summer. From diving to kiting.
And I would love to photograph animals, beautiful buildings and landscapes all over the world. ”

Figures are not really my thing
Sammy feels like a fish (or should we write: dolphin) in the water at the marketing department of World Bearing Trade. Where would she not want to work? “In a finance department. Figures are not really my thing, haha. ”

What doesn’t make her happy either is loud people. “Or, in general: people who demand excessive attention.”

Maybe I will start a new study
Finally, what is she looking forward to in the next three years? “My own house with my Jayden. Maybe I will start a new study. And I want to achieve my sports goals. It is exciting that Jayden is going to primary school next year. I am very curious how he will do and whether he likes it. ”