Mick Bijkerk

Date of birth
Working at WBT
Since 2019

``Start slowly and then work hard all day long``

With a warm shower and a quiet start, the day starts best for Mick Bijkerk. After that he can work hard all day long!. He prefers to be active.
He admires planners. “That work wouldn’t suit me. I’m too chaotic for that kind of work.”

Partying in Mallorca
His best holiday so far took place in Mallorca. “We went with a group of friends… partying for ten days, lying on the beach, swimming and going on a jet ski.”

Jet pilot or astronaut
If there was one thing he could do again, it would be: “Do my best at school.” Not that he’s unsatisfied with his life. Far from that.
The ultimate childhood dream of becoming an astronaut or a pilot of a jet fighter was a bit unrealistic. Mick understands that very well.

Winter sports
Now he dreams of going on a lot of holidays to enjoy wintersports. He would do that as a hobby if he had plenty of time and money. And then he would also like to be 16 forever. “At that age, everything is still possible and everything is new.”

Invent something new
Discovering and innovating attracts Mick. He is curious and would like to “invent something new”. But not during weekends, when he spends his time “doing fun things with friends and family”.